New Art Collective

About is an exciting new way of sourcing dynamic art from a specially selected group of amazing artists, some of who’s work is internationally known and some who’s work has hardly been seen before.

The key difference is they have all come together to offer stunning artwork in a very special way.

Every piece of work has been produced as a very Limited Edition series. This means they are valuable, each and every one.

They have also been produced using a tightly controlled and rare to find process, ensuring the highest quality and an enduring piece of art, of museum quality, second to none.

100% Cotton Art Paper is essential, combined with Pigment Inks and UV print sealing, creating a museum quality fine art print with a guarantee of longevity.

So we are offering something of real value, and with a twist, beauty, that will put smiles on faces. When was the last time that the interest on any money in the bank made you smile, or reflect, or share with others proudly?

These prints are affordable, yet valuable, and will increase in value over time.