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Jasmine Pradissitto

Jasmine Pradissitto ‘Jasmine Pradissitto’s painting opens up a new episode in contemporary art …….Your portraits have left an indelible impression on me’…..
Thomas Martone, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto. Art Historian specialising in Renaissance Art.

Jasmine is a prize winning, internationally shown artist who originally trained as a painter specialising in life work and portraiture, before using her background in physics to create an innovative form of art in light and plastics, called Quantum Sculptures. Ultimately all her work is based on the observation of the human condition and the world around us. The fracturing of light and colour inherent in the transparency of watercolour, continues to be a major part of her practise. This series of limited edition prints, are from a collection of works, some of which then went on to inspire new sculptures.


Based in South London, she has degrees from Sir John Cass, Goldsmiths College and UCL and has had solo shows in London and Europe, been shortlisted for many prizes including The Celeste Painting Prize and The Threadneedle Figurative prize and won the Master’s International Silver Prize in 2015 for painting. She has pieces in worldwide collections including Tokyo Museum.

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